Proposed optional courses at the Department of Chemistry and Immunochemistry in the summer semester


  • Chemical Calculations
    1. Units of measurements: mass, volume, density (conversion of units).
    2. Mole, element and chemical compound (calculation of molecular mass, molar concentration).
    3. Solutions. Calculation of solution concentration (percent composition by mass, percent composition by volume, percent composition by weight/volume, molar concentration, use of concentration to calculate mass or volume).
    4. Calculating the pH of a solutions (strong and weak acids and bases).
    5. Calculating the pH of a buffer, buffer capacity, pH of blood.


  • Basic Reactions of Organic Compounds
    1. Reactive functional groups in organic compounds.
    2. Acid-base properties of organic compounds.
    3. Oxidation and reduction in organic compounds.
    4. Ester and amide linkages in organic compounds.
    5. Hydrophilic and hydrophobic compounds.


  • Proteins and Macromolecules
    1. The levels of protein structure. Bonds and chemical interactions stabilizing the protein structure.
    2. Protein architecture. Globular, filamentous and membrane proteins.
    3. How the structure determines the function of proteins.
    4. Solubility and physicochemical properties of proteins. The influence of environmental factors on the physicochemical properties of protein.
    5. Functions of glycoconjugates in living matter, adhesion of pathogens, reactions in the immune system.